Google Finds Web Video Viewability Rates Of 62% In U.S.

Google has released its Global State of Play report for video with data showing the seriousness of ad fraud and viewability challenges. The rates vary depending on the advertising exchange where DoubleClick Bid Manager buys video ads and the market in which the ads are served. Google took a look at the state of viewablity[…]

Taking a closer look at bots from Apple, Facebook and Google

Bots” have been around for decades. Recently, however, it’s become the norm for large technology companies to build, support and develop bots for a wide variety of uses. Because bots can be so many different things, it’s often difficult to parse the bona fides from the wannabes — or even determine what bots do.CIO June/July[…]

Google Now Controls 12 Percent of All Global Media Spend 

Alphabet—Google’s reorganized holding company—is the world’s largest media owner in the world, according to a new report from Zenith Media today.Alphabet controls 12 percent of all global media spend, which primarily comes from Google and YouTube’s ad sales. The company collects $60 billion in U.S. ad spend—a figure 166 percent larger than No. 2 ranking[…]

Google AMPs iOS App, Search 

Google updated its iOS app with faster load and search times as part of its Accelerated Mobile Project (AMP), the company announced Friday.The most notable change is the addition of AMP to search results. Launched in February as an industry effort to speed mobile Web pages, individuals will see a lightning bolt denoting AMP articles that appears next to the[…]

Google To Offer Free Cloud Credits For Universities

Search giant offers free cloud credits to university students.Google is trying to spread its cloud into universities.The search giant said on Tuesday that it would give university students free access to some of the software tools available on its cloud computing service.For students to receive access to the cloud services, university computer science faculty and[…]

Google Launches Version 4 of its Safe Browsing API 

Google has launched version 4 of its Safe Browsing API. The new release specifically addresses constraints presented by mobile environments without sacrificing levels of protection desktop users have come to enjoy. As expected, the launch of version 4 will start the deprecation process of versions 2 and 3.From its original launch in 2007, the Safe[…]

Illinois Lawmaker Wants To Gut Privacy Protections For ‘Faceprints’ 

Facebook, Google and other Web companies that use facial recognition technology to identify people could get a big boost in ongoing privacy battles, if an Illinois state senator succeeds in amending an 8-year-old privacy law.The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act requires companies to obtain written releases from people before collecting certain biometric data, including scans[…]

Sussing Out Google’s Master Plan in the Post-App Era 

We’ve endured the desktop era, the post-PC era, the smartphone era, and don’t forget the comically overused “year of mobile.” Now we’re seeing glimpses of the post-mobile era, characterized by VR and AR. The latter will truly break away from the smartphone, and could have the biggest implications for local.But aside from all these monikers[…]

Google Plans Self-Driving Car Development Center Near Detroit

Google, following its first deal earlier this month with a major automaker on self-driving cars, plans to open a development center for the technology in the home of the U.S. auto industry.The company said Wednesday it will open a self-driving technology development center in Novi, Michigan, a city about 30 miles from downtown Detroit. Google[…]

Google’s ‘Significant’ Move Separates Tablet, Desktop Bids 

Google’s step to increasingly push ad budgets into mobile seems to have forced the hand of advertisers asking for the ability to make separate base bid adjustments for ads running on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices. Advertisers call the move “significant” with challenges.The change — which applies to all campaign types, even when keyword targeting[…]