FBI trying to build legal cases against Russian hackers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is intensifying efforts to find enough evidence to enable the Justice Department to indict some of the Russians that U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded are hacking into American political parties and figures, U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials said on Thursday.Building legal cases is difficult, largely because the best evidence[…]

FBI Agent to CHIME Attendees: The Cybersecurity Environment Is Becoming More Dangerous

The level of cybersecurity threat is growing exponentially in healthcare right now, but there are some very clear strategies that the leaders of patient care organizations can and should do in order to fight back. That was the core of the message that Timothy J. Wallach, a supervisory special agent in the Cyber Task Force[…]

FBI raids dental software researcher who discovered private patient data on public server 

Someone alerts you to exposed, unencrypted patient information on your FTP server. Is the correct response to thank them profusely or try to have them charged as a criminal hacker?It is not a trick question. Once again, a security researcher has found himself facing possible prosecution under a federal statute known as the Computer Fraud[…]

Tech groups say FBI shouldn’t be allowed to do mass hacking 

Congress should block proposed changes to rules governing U.S. law enforcement investigations that could give law enforcement agencies new authority to hack thousands of computers, several tech and advocacy groups said.25 best cities for jobsTech positions are among the in-demand jobs in most of the 25 citiesREAD NOWCongress should stop the proposed changes, approved by[…]

Decision against Apple would give FBI ‘dangerous’ power 

Apple dug in on its resistance to the government’s demand that it help unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters, warning yesterday that complying with that court order would introduce a major new security vulnerability that would put millions of customers at risk.”This is not about the San Bernardino case. This is[…]