Illinois Lawmaker Wants To Gut Privacy Protections For ‘Faceprints’ 

Facebook, Google and other Web companies that use facial recognition technology to identify people could get a big boost in ongoing privacy battles, if an Illinois state senator succeeds in amending an 8-year-old privacy law.The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act requires companies to obtain written releases from people before collecting certain biometric data, including scans[…]

TV Budgets Shifting to Social? Yes, It’s Time to Worry 

It’s that time of year again, when the TV networks talk about how great their upcoming fall shows will be — and everyone else talks about whether they will survive the relentless onslaught of OTT, cord-cutting and myriad other challenges.Social media is one of those challenges. Companies like Facebook have never been shy about touting[…]

Lawsuit claims Facebook illegally scanned private messages

Share on Facebook (428) Tweet Share (78) Pin (2) Facebook may have violated federal privacy laws by scanning private messages, according to a lawsuit certified for class action yesterday in Northern California District Court. The allegations center around Facebook’s practice of scanning and logging URLs sent through the site’s private messaging system. Those scans serve a[…]

WhatsApp gives up on BlackBerry, Nokia, and more 

Facebook-owned WhatsApp recently turned seven years old. What better way to celebrate the milestone than cutting ties with the past? This past weekend, the popular messaging app said it will cease support for seven aging and little-used operating systems by the end of 2016. No, smart alecks, Windows 10 Mobile isn’t on the list—but Blackberry 10 is.In[…]

Facebook Uses News Feed Algorithm To Rival Twitter, Periscope In Live Video

Facebook has taken its biggest swing yet at rivaling Twitter and Twitter-owned Periscope as the primary place to watch and stream live videos online. On Tuesday, Facebook said that it will start ranking live videos higher in people’s news feeds while those videos are being streamed live using Facebook’s live-streaming feature.The move adds another way for people[…]

Most of your Facebook friends couldn’t care less about you

Even if you have thousands of Facebook friends, you can probably only count on a handful in a pinch, according to a new study. The author, anthropologist Robin Dunbar, should know. He’s the guy who came up with Dunbar’s number, which shows that in the real world, people can only maintain about 150 stable relationships.[…]

Facebook’s Live Video is rolling out to all iPhone users

Facebook began testing its Periscope-like Live Video feature back in December. Only celebs and verified pages could get in on the livestreaming action, though, but that’s about to change. The social network is rolling out the feature to iPhone users in the US starting today, with a wider release “to the rest of the world”[…]

It’s a smaller world after all: Facebook research shows 3.57 degrees – not 6 – of separation 

Happy Friends Day, Fellow Earthlings! We have some news on this new Facebook-invented holiday that, depending on your view of your fellow planetary inhabitants, may be intensely thrilling or tremendously frightening.According to the modern-day oracle that is Facebook (FB), we are all far less separated than we imagined. At least, that’s the case for users of[…]

Facebook Shuts Down Parse, Shocking Developers 

Parse, a popular multi-platform cloud storage service, surprised the tech comunity today with a blog post announcing that they will be shutting down. Parse has given it’s current users one year from now (January 28th, 2017) before it closes its services.A year after being founded in 2011 Parse had over 20,000 developers on it’s platform.[…]