IoT edge computing presents next big challenge for cloud

As much as we try, it’s impossible to defeat physics. I’m speaking specifically of data gravity and compute. The internet of things on the edge of the network has a dramatic impact on IT operations and vendor services.For example, internet of things (IoT) forced a change in data patterns, prompting Amazon to release Snowball Edge[…]

Ponemon: Cloud Adoption Grows as Security Lags

Cloud adoption is growing, but companies aren’t taking security into account the way they should. A fresh Ponemon Institute survey shows that many businesses simply aren’t adopting appropriate governance and security measures to protect sensitive data in the cloud.The results show that 73% of respondents deem cloud-based services and platforms important to their organization’s operations,[…]

Who’s got the best cloud latency?

For some applications, the public cloud is only as good as the slowest connection to it.Latency of cloud providers – the amount of time it takes for a cloud-based service to respond to a user’s request – is one of many critical factors that customers consider when choosing a cloud provider and monitoring their workloads.[…]

Gartner: Cloud will be the “default option” for software deployment by 2020 

By the year 2020, it will be a cloudy world.Researchers at Gartner are out this week with new predictions on what the infrastructure computing market will look like in the coming years. And they’re very bullish on the cloud. The combination of end users gaining comfort with using cloud services combined with vendors shifting to[…]

Google To Offer Free Cloud Credits For Universities

Search giant offers free cloud credits to university students.Google is trying to spread its cloud into universities.The search giant said on Tuesday that it would give university students free access to some of the software tools available on its cloud computing service.For students to receive access to the cloud services, university computer science faculty and[…]

Unauthorized Tech: How to Handle Careless Cloud Usage

Today’s employees use a variety of devices in the workplace, such as desktops, tablets, smartphones, phablets and wearables. All of these devices may make work more convenient, but they also bring challenges, especially for IT teams. Often, employees download cloud applications that are not IT-approved, and many workers fail to recognize the risks.According to a[…]

Cloud security: A mismatch for existing security processes and technology 

To use a long-forgotten metaphor, cloud deployment is moving forward at internet speed at many enterprise organizations. According to ESG research, 57 percent of enterprise organizations use public and private cloud infrastructure to support product applications/workloads today, and an overwhelming majority of organizations will move an increasing number of applications/workloads to cloud infrastructure over the[…]

How the cloud is transforming HR

“Wash, rinse and repeat.” That’s how Justin Watras describes the paper-based process that used to take up hours of managers’ time whenever a new employee started at Brooks Brothers.Download the March 2016 digital issueInside: What you need to know about staffing up for IoT, how cloud and SDN set Veritas free & much more!READ NOW”In[…]

What cloud computing means for your applications 

I’ve written a number of times about the sea change in technology that is occurring and how it’s affecting enterprise IT organizations. Most recently, I wrote about how open source is eating the technology industry and how that will affect these organizations. It’s no exaggeration to say that IT is witnessing more change now than it[…]

Is the hybrid cloud’s biggest challenge a lack of expertise? 

The cloud is the new IT economy these days, and for all intents and purposes, the public cloud marketplace has become a vendor landscape essentially monopolized by the big four providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the IBM Cloud. If you throw in hybrid and private clouds, then VMware’s vSphere is also making a[…]