How long can IT outsourcing deliver more for less? 

IT and business process outsourcing deals have been getting smaller in dollar value and shorter in duration for some time. And, according to analysis of 2015’s deal activity, enterprise digitization is strengthening that trend. The number of outsourcing contracts signed last year hit an all-time high, but annual contract values were down 8 percent, according[…]

8 things keeping security professionals up at night 

8 things keeping security professionals up at nightWhether it’s due to a high-profile security breach, the tenuous nature of consumer data or just trying to get ahead of a data-disaster, security is on everyone’s mind. Security professionals are tasked with securing data, preventing data breaches and dealing with security flaws in business systems. A recent[…]

CEOs force CIOs, CMOs into digital transformation bunker 

Healthy tensions between CIOs and CMOs are very much alive, with the former building hardy IT systems and the latter rapidly acquiring new marketing technology. But IT and marketing are going to have to work more closely together if they are going to deliver on the digital transformations their CEOs are demanding, says Kevin Cochrane,[…]