Chrysler focuses on a future generation, with a minivan at CES

Chrysler knows millennials will be the car buyers of the future, so designs its newest concept car, the Portal minivan, for this new generation. Chrysler‘s future may have looked dim a few years ago, but its Pacifica minivan came out last year to critical acclaim. That success seems behind its newest concept, the Portal minivan[…]

CES shifts its focus to innovations changing the tech industry

As CES ballooned into an overwhelming crush of products, press events and panels in recent years, longtime attendees grumbled that it was just too much stuff and not enough substance.Bejeweled smartphone cases shared space with vibrating forks, Wi-Fi-connected washing machines were displayed alongside the latest pair of celebrity-backed headphones. The weeklong convention lacked focus, and[…]

Haier Debuts Life-Size, Rolling R2-D2 Fridge at CES

Haier, a Chinese electronics and appliance maker, will showcase its new 1:1-scale R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator at next week’s consumer tech extravaganza. A surprisingly detailed replica, this R2 unit boasts movie-accurate light and sound effects, and even comes with a built-in projector that can stream content from your Android device. (Sadly, it isn’t compatible with iPhones[…]