100 million vehicles are vulnerable to hack that unlocks doors

Almost every car developed by Volkswagen AG since 1995 carries a known vulnerability that is susceptible to cyberattacks, according to a paper authored by researchers from the University of Birmingham and German engineering firm Kasper & Oswald. The vulnerability, according to the report, allows for hackers to intercept, record and thereby clone signals sent from a victim’s[…]

Most Millennials Now Comfortable With Idea Of AI-Driven Cars

Drivers’ preferences might be changing when it comes to connected and self-driving cars.Younger drivers in particular are more open to the idea of self-driving cars with nearly 75% of millennials saying they are comfortable with cars driven by artificial intelligence, according to a new study.Conducted by IHS Automotive, the study comprised a survey of 4,000[…]

Marketing Of Self-Driving Cars Still Faces A Bumpy Road 

While autonomous cars still have a way to go in a range of areas, they have no problem in continuing to grab headlines.Another Tesla car crashed in China while in ‘autopilot’ mode, with the driver saying that he was sold on the idea of the car being self-driving by salespeople.Tesla confirmed the car was in[…]

Three years until connected cars are cyberattack-proof? 

It could be years before connected cars are fully secured against cyberattacks, researchers have warned.While car makers and software companies are keen to add new features to cars — including testing fully autonomous vehicles on the road — there are still significant concerns about the security implications.Indeed, research carried out by analysts at IDC on[…]