15 Netflix business documentaries to watch instantly

Here’s a quick and fun way to enrich your business knowledge: streaming documentaries on Netflix.The online movie and TV service has a vast cache of business and tech documentaries that anyone with a subscription can watch instantly. The topics range from profiles of great innovators like Steve Jobs and Henry Ford to the psychology behind[…]

Why You Need to Make Your Customers’ Happiness Your Top Priority

Growing up as a creative-minded child, I lived in a country where new ideas and innovations weren’t always welcome. The Soviet Union’s limited, low-quality products and unhelpful customer service frustrated me. By the time I immigrated to the U.S. with my parents at age fifteen, the consumer situation in the Soviet Union had left an[…]

Postmates Expands API To Power Delivery For More Merchants

On-demand courier service Postmates has always been a marketplace: consumers can browse the Postmates app to see what shops and restaurants nearby are offering delivery through the startup’s network of 18,000 cyclists and drivers.But a growing number of businesses also want to integrate Postmates delivery on their side of the e-commerce equation by offering a[…]

Just Be Yourself on LinkedIn — and Watch Business Boom. (Infographic)

Putting your true self out there on Facebook or Twitter is pretty easy. Those networks are more casual, more “anything goes.” Being you on LinkedIn, a professional network (arguably the professional network), takes bravery.Related: 5 Tricks to Stand Out on LinkedInWe may fear what other professionals will think of us. Or we’re hesitant to break[…]

A Better Pursuit Than Work-Life Balance

Workaholic–this is worn like a badge of honor by many entrepreneurs and executives, but the truth is that in the long run it’s not helping anyone. Working long hours and sacrificing one’s personal life is not good for business.The belief in work-life balance is a zero-sum game with no winners. When you play this game[…]

6 Little Words That Are Blocking Your Success

A quarter of a million people read this article about finding success. Hundreds of thousands of others read this one–and this one, too. It’s admirable how much we’re all seeking to improve ourselves.There’s good advice in those articles if I do say so myself. But, there’s something else that’s probably more important. It’s contained in[…]

10 Leaders Share The Best Advice They Ever Received

What’s the best advice you ever received? Sometimes, it takes just a small tidbit to motivate you or help you see a clear path to success. These leaders have shared their best advice that helped them through a tough period or jumpstart a career. 1. Don’t lose sight.”‘People who used to run car companies were[…]

6 Personal Habits That Can Kill Your Business

Are you letting your personal life hurt your business? You may believe that when you set out for your office every morning you leave your personal life behind. However, each aspect of our lives tends to affect everything we do. The following are some personal habits that will hurt your business. 1. Burning the candle[…]