How to prepare for a data breach  

Michael Bruemmer’s team is busy these days, and that’s both good news and bad news for companies like yours. Bruemmer heads up the Data Breach Resolution group at Experian. This team provides the call center, notification and identity theft protection services to clients following a data breach.Over a span of 12 years, this arm of[…]

Omni Hotels’ new CIO shores up cybersecurity amid data breach

New Omni Hotels & Resorts CIO Ken Barnes is mulling how to shore up corporate defense in the wake of a cybersecurity attack that impacted 48 of its 60 hotels in North America. Barnes, who started in May, of course says he plans to improve the protection for Omni’s payment processing systems. New defenses could[…]

CIOs step inside the mind of a security hacker

Does your board question the company’s approach to security? It should. Understanding your opponents can help break the cyber kill chain. Think like your opponent in this multi-player game. Begin with a framework that covers policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures to ensure consistency – earn trust.25 best cities for jobsTech positions are among the in-demand[…]

Cyber attack costs compared

Data breaches caused by malicious insiders and malicious code can take as long 50 days or more to fix, according to Ponemon Institute’s 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime Study. While malware, viruses, worms, trojans, and botnets take only an estimated 2-5 days to fix.Unsurprisingly, attacks by malicious insiders are also the costliest to fix ($145,000[…]

Two-thirds of UK businesses hit by cyber security breaches, but directors remain unaware

Two thirds of large UK businesses are hit by cyber security attacks, according to a government sponsored report. Two-thirds of FTSE companies admit they have been hit by a cyber breach or attack in the past year, but half of boardrooms only hear about cyber risks occasionally or when there is an incident, according to a  government[…]

Children’s National Health System hit by another data breach 

Children’s National Health System has notified more than 4,000 patients of a data breach after a former vendor inadvertently shared patient health information on the Internet.In a notice sent to patient families, the D.C. health system said the issue arose with Centreville-based Ascend Healthcare Systems. Ascend provided medical transcription services to Children’s National from May[…]

Neb. Data Breach Notification Law Clarifies Encryption Aspect

Nebraska recently amended its data breach notification law, more clearly defining how encrypted data is to be handled in such situations.Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts signed an amended version of the state’s data breach notification law last month, which further clarifies the data encryption exemption and expands the definition of personal information.LB835 made changes relating to[…]

A retailer’s guide to cyber security 

In recent times, mobile smart devices and cloud-based platforms have been the predominant sources of new security challenges and have received the majority of attention by businesses.Their proliferation has rapidly produced ‘perfect storm’ conditions, with the traditional security models and practices in place unable to keep pace with emerging threats. Added to this, the importance and[…]