For Marketers, a Brand Safety Wake-Up Call – eMarketer

The Google ad boycott is more than a black eye for the internet giant, it’s a wake-up call to the advertising industry. And that may not be a bad thing, according to Marc Goldberg, CEO of Trust Metrics, a publisher verification firm. “Google’s position at the moment has put a lot of advertisers in a[…]

Marriott VP Thom Kozik: Loyalty Is ‘Absolutely’ A Dated Concept 

The goal of every brand is to get customers to prefer them to competitors — in other words, to keep them loyal. But Thom Kozik, VP of global loyalty for Marriott International, has some bad news for companies who hope to accomplish this by running a rewards club.“Loyalty is absolutely a dated concept,” Kozik said[…]


How to Create and Extend an Already Great Brand

Every business works hard to build a brand, to create an image that identifies their products and services and differentiates them from their competition.But can your brand–no matter how positive and highly-regarded–actually create a marketing obstacle?Surprisingly, the answer is yes.Here’s another in my series of interviews where I pick a topic and connect with someone[…]