How restaurants are using technology to deliver seamless customer service

Restaurants are breaking new grounds when it comes to using technology to deliver seamless customer service that has put them ahead of competition. Convenience drives consumers to adapt new technologies. People don’t like to stand in queue to withdraw money from ATM’s or to carry liquid money.Restaurants offering Point of Sales (POS) solutions simplify the[…]

The Best Retailers Will Combine Bricks and Clicks 

Richard Schmalensee, Professor of Management and Economics Emeritus, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; previously dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management and a Member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, with David S. Evans , economist, business adviser, entrepreneur, having done pioneering research into the new economics of multisided platforms, present a[…]

Beacons Double This Year, On Way To 400 Million In Market 

While there will be billions of Internet-connected consumer things ranging from wearables to appliances, one of the most visible objects for marketers still will be beacons, at least into the foreseeable future.Beacons are quite nicely maturing from simply on-the-spot-ad-triggering systems to devices that facilitate the collection of consumer location data combined with analysis that translates[…]

Why Google’s Nearby Could Erase A Major Hurdle For Beacon Use 

Google may have addressed one of the main points of friction for beacon adoption with the release of a featured dubbed “Nearby” in its Android-based Google Play store.Typically, a consumer must already have a store or brand’s dedicated, beacon-enabled mobile app installed on their smartphone in order to access a signal from Apple’s iBeacon or[…]

Five Tips to Design and Launch an Effective BLE Beacon Campaign

“I have one simple purpose in life. I’m a beacon. I send out my signal. That’s all I do.” — The LighthouseBLE beacons are the lighthouses of the 21st century. By themselves, they don’t do much. Beacons are just low-cost transmitters that send out a Bluetooth Low Energy signal to Bluetooth-enabled smart devices within a[…]

Unacast Raises $5M To Capitalize On Mobile Beacons 

Seeking to capitalize on a growing market for mobile “beacons,” location-data startup Unacast has raised $5 million. The Series A financing round was led by European VC firm Open Ocean Capital.“Unacast’s ambition is to redefine the proximity and advertising industry,” according to Thomas Walle, cofounder and CEO of Norway-based Unacast.The company connects data sets to[…]

Is the gym full? Startup thinks beacons can improve apartment living

Location-tracking technology in apartment buildings could be the answer to avoiding lines at the gym or knowing when it’s a good time to head to the laundry room.Chicago-based Mobile Doorman, which makes white-label apps for apartment and condominium buildings, is rolling out beacon integration that it thinks will help residents live smarter and property owners manage better.”Our mission is for[…]

With beacons and gamified networking, the conference business is going digital

The conference has been forever changed since the rise of social media, and now a second-wave of low-cost, high-impact technology is disrupting the circuit once again. The three major trends that seem to be on the rise on the conference scene are beacon-based personalization, virtual experiences and gamified networking. Let’s have a deeper look into[…]

Coca-Cola shares its vision of advertising in a connected world

Coca-Cola has admittedly “beaconed the hell out of” its products but is now redoubling efforts to connect and manage all those touchpoints to try and make it easier for consumers to purchase its brands over the competition.It puts the focus on the company’s fledgling internet of things strategy, starting with its vending machines. More than[…]

Exterion Media and Kinetic partner to use beacons as a means of more effectively targeting consumers 

Exterion Media has partnered with WPP-owned OOH agency Kinetic to encourage its clients to explore the benefits of using beacons to reach consumers via mobile with more relevant and targeted messaging.As part of the strategy Exterion Media, Europe’s largest privately held out-of-home (OOH) advertising business, will attempt to install beacons across the nationwide Bus and[…]