Consumers Excited About Auto Technology 

U.S. automakers and suppliers need to innovate and differentiate to capture new business and build brand equity, according to a study from Nielsen.Selecting and integrating the right advanced technologies — ones that drive business performance, product differentiation and customer loyalty — is essential, according to the report.Nielsen annually conducts AutoTECHCAST, a syndicated study of consumer[…]

Mazda Connects Car Designs With Web Site 

Mazda North American Operations has launched a new Web site, tying the style with the look and the feel of its latest automobiles.  In fact, the marketing team collaborated with vehicle designers in research and development to pick a look and feel that expresses the automaker’s vision.The Web site — built in partnership with Mirum,[…]

Google Plans Self-Driving Car Development Center Near Detroit

Google, following its first deal earlier this month with a major automaker on self-driving cars, plans to open a development center for the technology in the home of the U.S. auto industry.The company said Wednesday it will open a self-driving technology development center in Novi, Michigan, a city about 30 miles from downtown Detroit. Google[…]

Intel acquires computer vision startup Itseez for Internet of Things and self-driving cars

Intel has acquired computer vision startup Itseez for an undisclosed price as it moves further in the Internet of Things and automotive electronics markets.Doug Davis, senior vice president of the Internet of Things group at the world’s biggest chip maker, said in a blog post today that “Intel is transforming from a PC company to[…]

Ford: Detroit can become ‘Mobility Central’

A top executive whose family played a key role in creating the Motor City hopes it will morph into something new and broader, Mobility Central. Even though automotive breakthroughs are coming in California’s Silicon Valley, Detroit has the opportunity to become the nation’s center when it comes to all things involving the movement of goods and[…]

Expert: Comprehensive software security for cars will take years 

Software security for automobiles is improving but it will take another three or four years until manufacturers can put overarching security architecture in place, says Stefan Savage, winner of the 2015 ACM-Infosys Foundation Award in the Computing Sciences.Four mindblowing Ted Talks for techiesTED talks make that possible to do in a single sitting. Here are[…]

2016 J.D. Power Dependability Study: Technology Problems On The Rise

J.D. Power has unveiled its 2016 Dependability Study, and while some of the findings seem unsurprising, the study’s brand rankings hint at interesting changes.  Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study is one of the company’s best, gathering a wealth of information about vehicles during their third year on the road. The 2016 Study focused on vehicles from[…]

Autonomous vehicles enter public eye after lengthy waiting period

Thanks to German automakers Mercedes-Benz and Audi, the general public is starting to see autonomous vehicles become a reality after years of mostly behind-the-scenes progress.Even at the beginning of the decade, autonomous vehicles seemed more like an idea out of science fiction than an imminent reality, but development by Google and other tech companies and[…]

In India, Volkswagen fuels up on legacy for ‘fun, new’ Beetle

MUMBAI — Volkswagen has rolled out an adby DDB Mudra West for its iconic Beetle.The film begins with the image of a gray Beetle, while the narration describes the car’s unique contours and place in history, citing miniskirts, peace-loving rebels and other hallmarks of the ‘60s. The video shows fans trying to re-create the Beatles’[…]