Apple launches coding camps for kids in its retail stores 

Apple this summer is expanding its lineup of Apple Camp sessions to include a new course that teaches children the basics of coding. Aimed at children ages 8 through 12, the new 3-day session will use software from Tynker to introduce concepts of block-based coding and will allow kids to program Sphero robots. These classes will be small[…]

​Apple suffers first double-digit decline as Samsung extends smartphone lead

Global sales of smartphones to end users totalled 349 million units in the first quarter of 2016, a 3.9 percent increase over the same period in 2015.According to Gartner, smartphone sales represented 78 percent of total mobile phone sales in the first quarter of 2016, with Apple suffering its first double-digit decline, allowing Samsung to[…]

Apple Watch now controls lawnmower in new IoT move 

The Swedish company Husqvarna, which used to make competition off-road motorcycles but which now manufactures outdoor power products such as motor mowers, garden tractors and trimmers, has launched an Apple Watch app that allows remote control of your lawnmower.The new Automower Connect app allows users to control, configure and monitor the Husqvarna robotic lawnmower models[…]

Telefonica: ‘Apple is yet to demonstrate a strong case for why people should buy the Watch’ 

Speaking at Marketing Week Live today (28 April) Richards said that while sales data he has seen suggests the Apple Watch is selling better than some might think, many consumers are waiting to see what the firm does next.“The challenge for Apple is the question ‘what is it doing for me?’.”James Richards, head of digital[…]

63 cases seek access to locked Apple, Google phones, ACLU says

The American Civil Liberties Union said Wednesday it has uncovered 63 confirmed cases in which federal agencies have sought court orders to force Apple or Google to unlock phones to gain access to data.Download the March 2016 digital issueInside: What you need to know about staffing up for IoT, how cloud and SDN set Veritas[…]

Amid Apple’s FBI Fight, App Developers Are Ramping Up Encryption

While Apple fights the demands of the FBI over encrypted iPhone data, the companies that help users communicate privately between such devices are working hard to dramatically increase their methods of security.Wire, a messaging app backed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis, is the latest to add end-to-end encryption and secure video communication to its service,[…]

Apple’s Recycling Robot Needs Your Help to Save the World

SOMEWHERE IN A Cupertino warehouse, a giant labors with robotic precision, its 29 arms singularly focused on one thing: an iPhone. But instead of putting pieces together, this robot is pulling pieces apart. It disassembles iPhones at the rate of one handset every 11 seconds—less time than it takes you to fish your phone out[…]

Why Apple no longer needs an iPhone ‘wow factor’ 

When Apple releases new products these days, the company simply doesn’t “wow” as many customers or industry watchers as it once did. Apple says it makes revolutionary changes in virtually all of its product innovations — a boast that invites endless skepticism from the tech press and other critics — but most of its true[…]