Facebook’s using its muscle to remake the ad tech world 

Ad tech ate the world, but Facebook is eating ad tech, at least from the perspective of the industry that was born before the social network began dominating internet advertising. Last week alone, Facebook shut down its last pure programmatic ad exchange FBX, put the final nail in the LiveRail platform, and expanded its Facebook[…]

10 myths marketing technology vendors want you to believe 

When shopping for marketing technology (martech) software, should you believe everything the vendors say? That depends on the merchant, the product category and a number of other important factors, according to Scott Brinker, editor of the chiefmartec.com blog and program chair for the March 2016 MarTech USA conference in San Francisco.Today’s top storiesiPad Pro: 14[…]

How Apple Could Play Spoiler For The Search Ad Business

With the start of a new year, it’s a fitting time to reflect on all that happened in the previous year and look ahead to what this next one might have in store for us.Thinking about what developments could have the greatest impact on paid search in 2016, for better or worse, a few possibilities[…]

Ad Tech Growth Hits Speed Bump

Growth in the advertising technology industry may be hitting a speed bump.Dozens of companies offering technology to automate ad sales or offer more sophisticated ad-targeting have come onto the market in recent years, contributing to an unwieldy digital advertising ecosystem. Venture funding for ad tech startups is harder to come by and many more established[…]