The Supermarket Slump: Why Is The Grocery Industry So Behind On Beacons?

Over the past year, retailers warmed up to beacons in a big way. We saw major brands like Urban Outfitters and American Eagle dive deep into beacon testing, and others like Macy’s and Lord & Taylor roll out beacons in all of their store locations. It’s not just apparel retailers either that are jumping on the beacon bandwagon. Shelfbucks rolled out its beacon technology in Tarrytown Pharmacy last February, and last December, Estimote partnered with mobile guest engagement platform GuestDriven to start bringing beacons to hotels. 2015 is already shaping up to be an explosive year for the Bluetooth technology. The mobile ad company Opera Mediaworks just announced the Strategic Beacon Alliance, a committee of eight beacon providers including Roximity, Pulsate, Pinpoint Mobile, Signal360, and four other unidentified companies to help navigate the highly charged space. But in all the beacon frenzy, where do supermarkets stand?With its brimming aisles and whirlwind of coupons and limited-time offers, the average grocery store seems like it would be a golden fit for beacons. But the industry as a whole seems less than avid when it comes to getting serious about the technology. Only a handful of grocery stores are even flirting with it.

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