How Super Awesome is building the global infrastructure for digital kids’ advertising

After creating her insect avatar, a child playing the online game Bin Weevils can chat or message other players, visit their nests or simply explore the rich digital landscape of the 3D world. Among the possible destinations is “Lego City,” a branded island where kids can play games, pilot hovercrafts or drive bulldozers. Afterwards, she can take a balloon ride to “Heartlake City,” where she can watch the latest videos from “Lego Friends,” the more lifelike, female-skewing line of characters the brand introduced in 2012.The partnership between Lego and Bin Weevils is a prime example of digital-age brand integration aimed at kids — not just for the sophisticated technology behind it, but for the largely unknown company that made it possible. In 2014, 55 Pixels, the London-based gaming studio that created Bin Weevils, partnered with SuperAwesome, a rapidly growing UK-based tech company that specializes in kids-safe digital marketing, in an exclusive revenue-sharing advertising deal. As part of the deal, Bin Weevils was added to the portfolio of kid-friendly content providers featured on the company’s AwesomeAds ad network, giving it access to a whole new class of premium advertisers like Lego. Because of the safeguards and standards that SuperAwesome built into its network, 55 Pixels was relieved of the ever-complicated challenge of making sure the advertising on its site is safe and relevant for a child audience, thereby making it a more attractive commercial partner overall.

Source: How SuperAwesome is building the global infrastructure for digital kids’ advertising | Campaign US

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