Square And Facebook Serve Up Offline Attribution For An Ohio Eatery 

Square_Logo_PortraitAs proprietor and chef at Café Avalaun, a gluten-free restaurant just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Brian Doyle would rather cook, bake and make crêpes than spend his life on marketing.“We don’t do a lot of traditional advertising because it’s expensive and it’s hard to know if you’re actually hitting your target audience,” said Doyle, who uses Square to handle payments, loyalty and CRM.Coupons and discount codes close the loop, but not every online ad has a direct-response component and it’s mission critical for Doyle, as well as for most other small and medium-sized businesses, to find the shortest path between online ads and offline sales.That’s the space where Square is looking to play in its bid for SMB advertising dollars. Local ad spend is on track to rise from $113 billion in 2015 to $132 billion this year, according to research firm Borrell Associates.Square, known for its point-of-sale tech, has been rolling out a growing software suite of marketing and customer engagement tools centered on connecting online ads to transactions using its POS hardware as the glue.That’s a big part of why Square has been cozying up with Facebook.In March, the duo announced they would let SMBs use their sales data to buy Facebook ads directly through Square. In late June, Square deepened this relationship through an integration with FB’s offline conversions API to help small businesses attribute foot traffic in cases where there isn’t a coupon to redeem.“We knew intuitively that there is a whole set of consumers who view ads online and then come into a store to buy something without ever clicking or bringing in a coupon,” said Saumil Mehta, customer engagement lead at Square.Through the integration, Square merchants are able to establish a link between consumers who view an ad on Facebook – information Facebook is able to provide with its vaunted deterministic data trove – and in-store transactions, to which Square is privy through its POS tech.

Source: Square And Facebook Serve Up Offline Attribution For An Ohio Eatery | AdExchanger

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