Snapchat Sued Over X-Rated Material

A teenage boy who says he encountered racy material on Snapchat has filed a potential class-action lawsuit against the company.”Snapchat is currently engaged in an insidious pattern and practice of intentionally exposing minors to harmful, offensive, prurient, and sexually offensive content, without warning minors or their parents that they would be exposed to such explicit content,” the complaint alleges. The case was brought by a 14-year-old boy Los Angeles resident identified as “John Doe” in the complaint. He’s seeking class-action status on behalf of 150 million users.The lawsuit focuses on Snapchat Discover, which allows publishing partners like Buzzfeed and Fusion to create and distribute content on the platform. The complaint alleges that some of that content — like the post titled “People Share Their Secret Rules for Sex” — is too racy for children.”Without warning, minors swiping through the Discover Page are being introduced to offensive adult-rated content that parents would likely prohibit if they know their children were being given unrestricted access to the content by Snapchat,” the complaint says.The boy who is suing specifically alleges that he encountered Buzzfeed posts of Disney characters, but with “pornographic text and innuendo next to the photographs.”

Source: Snapchat Sued Over X-Rated Material 07/08/2016

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