Why we’re sitting ducks for a new internet scam

Online fraudsters are placing expensive orders through hacked Amazon accounts before stealing the goods as they are delivered.The cyber criminals are exploiting the retail giant’s Prime Now service, where customers can get items like games consoles and smartphones sent to their home almost instantly.Crooks access an unwitting victim’s account, buy what they want using that person’s stored payment details and then lie in wait for the courier outside the delivery address.Often the thieves get their hands on the parcel before the customer realises they have been targeted. Amazon Prime Now members can choose delivery within an hour of ordering for £6.99, or free delivery with a choice of two-hour windows.One customer, Oliver Webb, expressed anger after his mum was a victim of fraudsters in May. He tweeted: “Mum’s @amazonprimenow hacked & call to cancel order. Said they couldn’t cancel & instead delivered items to thief.”Another victim, 40, told the Sunday Mirror she became suspicious when she received an email welcoming her to Amazon Prime, which she had not signed up to. She explained: “Within three minutes of the first email at 11.45am, I started getting other messages thanking me for shopping.

Source: Why we’re sitting ducks for a new internet scam | ET Retail

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