Shoppers Lean On Mobile, As Marketers Refine Location Targeting

As retailers prep for back-to-school shopping with mobile, what consumers are looking for from an in-store shopping experience may not be exactly what they get.Even though just past the start of summer, back-to-school shopping already has begun, according to the recent Rubicon Project, conducted by Penn Schoen Berland, comprising 1,500 interviews of parents.The majority (60%) of parents will be doing some shopping on a mobile device, with even more (73%) parents of freshmen.And for shopping by app compared to websites, the majority (68%) of parents are loaded with a retailer’s app, with Amazon topping the list of apps. Here’s what retailer apps are on parents’ phones: 47% — Amazon 33% — Walmart 26% — Target 19% — Ebay 15% — Kohls 12% — Macy’s 11% JCPenneyOnce those back-to-school shoppers get to the store, they face yet another set of technological issues along with mobile. And that matters, since a majority (67%) in the U.S. use their phone at least sometime while in a store, according to a recent study by RichRelevance.And that’s where targeting comes in.While in a store, mobile messages with personalized product information triggered by location in the store is considered cool by fewer than half (40%) of consumers.After a shopper leaves a store, consumers who receive a digital coupon for a product viewed but not purchased is considered best by 79% of shoppers, according to the RichRelevance survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers.This is yet another indicator that the right messages, based on location and with context, can be viewed positively by consumers.Location-based mobile messaging is hardly new.The issue is that it hasn’t always been that accurate, at least in terms of getting the right message or ad to the right person at the right time every time.

Source: Shoppers Lean On Mobile, As Marketers Refine Location Targeting 07/13/2016

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