Shoppers more frequently buy products when they see a ton of ads 

People are more likely to purchase products when brands target them with ads across numerous channels, according to a new report from Fluent.These channels include television, print, and online ads, as well as newer formats such as Facebook and Twitter ads. And if a shopper sees ads for the same products across a majority of these channels, then he or she is more likely to make a purchase either in-store or online.According to the report, 62% of U.S. shoppers who engage with a retailer on 10 or more channels shop at the store at least once a week. Meanwhile, 42% of shoppers who engage with one to four channels make purchases this frequently.Furthermore, 49% of shoppers who engage on 10 or more channels make online purchases from their favorite retailer’s site at least once a week, compared to 21% of shoppers who engage with one to four channels.Therefore, retailers have a chance to increase their visibility and ultimately boost their conversion rates. Twitter is responsible for much of this purchase frequency, as 78% of shoppers who said they made purchases at least once a week engaged with Twitter.Brands and retailers should spread their ad dollars to reach the most consumers without abandoning traditional channels. As a matter of fact, 39% of shoppers in the report said they remembered seeing a print ad for their favorite retailer, which is the same percentage as those who remembered seeing an online ad.This fact has tremendous implications for online-only retailers that are focused completely on creating a digital presence. These companies must remember that customers encounter numerous physical ads each day, and these can help raise awareness and lead to more purchases.

Source: Shoppers more frequently buy products when they see a ton of ads – Business Insider

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