The scourge of LEDs everywhere: Readers speak out  

We didn’t claim that our recent story titled “Lights out! Why IT shops are disabling wireless AP LEDs” was tackling one of the world’s major problems, but it clearly addressed one of the tech world’s ongoing annoyances.Roughly 300 comments have been made about the story by those who found it on the Slashdot website, others chimed in on Reddit, and more contacted me directly. (The original story was prompted by discussion among IT professionals at universities, seeking ways to reduce light pollution in dorm and hospital rooms.)9 ways to bend Windows 10 to your willCustomize Windows 10 to your liking, not theirs.READ NOWSure, a few noted that it must have been a slow news day, but most of the others either shared their exasperation with manufacturers who overdo it by piling cheap LEDs into their gear or that don’t make it easy enough to turn them off or dim them, or offered tips for shielding people from the bright lights.MORE: 10 under-the-radar software products users loveElectrical tape seems to be the most popular solution to cover lights (“Electrical tape is your friend,” wrote indoninja on Reddit), though some fear the First World problem of leftover tape residue. And others got into the finer details of painter’s tape (“painters tape comes in varying colors to denote the length of time it can safely stay on a surface and still be cleanly removed,” wrote one Slashdot commenter.).Another proposed alternative to LEDs, especially blue ones, was to use good old fashioned LCD strips, like on old digital watches. Permanent markers can also at least dim the lights, others said.

Source: The scourge of LEDs everywhere: Readers speak out | Network World

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