ResMed launches app for CPAP users to track sleep apnea treatment 

For those who wear continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) masks — which help people with sleep apnea maintain steady, regular breathing while asleep – a new app is designed to help support device users and improve adherence. With myAir, an offering from medical device company ResMed, CPAP users can now track their treatment via an iOS app, giving users access to their daily sleep patterns and coaching tips.The app provides contextual information-based coaching on how to improve their therapy through videos, emails and encouragement along the way. A user would put on the CPAP mask at night, then log in to the app the next morning to get their “myAir score”, based on a scale of one to 100, that comprises different elements of therapy – how long they slept on CPAP, how many apneas (pauses in breathing) they had per hour and how well their CPAP mask fit.“Then, the patient can kind of dig in and look at how the score is comprised and look up all the different elements; things like usage, therapy effectiveness, mask leak – which can be a real challenge for a lot of patients. It can be bothersome, and it can also affect their therapy as well,” Jeremy Maleca, ResMed’s senior director of product engagement told MobiHealthNews.ResMed launched its CPAP bedside devices, Air Solutions, in 2014. All devices (AirSense and AirCurve) contain cellular chips that store and transmit data. The program was originally launched as a website shortly after the 2014 device launch. Core customers are home healthcare providers, but the company also work with physicians. ResMed has a dedicated team and program called the ResMed Data Exchange that integrates with EHRs.

Source: ResMed launches app for CPAP users to track sleep apnea treatment | MobiHealthNews

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