How do you reinvent a B2B media company for the future?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, but investors often take the view that there’s a sole path to success for a publisher, and only minor variation allowed along the way.But as pointed out by Briefing Media co-founder Neil Thackray when he chaired a panel entitled ‘Reinventing the business model for B2B products and services’ at B2B Media Strategies today, the paths to success for B2B companies ALM and Tarsus are diverse – and only look to become more divergent in the near future.ALM, for instance, was formed in 1987 and is primarily focused on providing intelligence to legal professions. Its early history, according to its president and CEO Bill Carter, was defined by acquisitions. Recently, however, it’s placing its bets on cross pollination of its 30 million annual unique users, bringing together its audiences across a variety of distinct but interconnected verticals.

Source: How do you reinvent a B2B media company for the future?

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