July 11, 2015


My first real professional dream was to become a singing astronaut, my mother has told the story a million times! Fortunately for N.A.S.A. I moved along another path. Beginning as a “Rent-A-Kid” to selling spring break trips in college, was anyone surprised years later when I became a consummate customer solutions focused sales professional?

My process is simple, ask many questions, learn as much about a businesses needs as possible, and deliver to them the solution necessary to relieve the pain. I’ve sold everything from travel to musicians, strategic planning and training to media and marketing solutions and much more.

My clients have spanned the scope from manufacturing to retail, restaurants to medical, automotive to education and all points in-between. There are not many industries I’ve not had some experience solving a problem for with a valuable solution focused on their needs.

If you are looking for someone who can work with your organization to focus both internally and externally to improve skills, solve business issues, overcome the competition and grow your revenue, then we should be talking.

My complete professional profile can be found on LinkedIn.


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