Be Prepared for Many More Data Breaches This Year

LinkedIn, Tumblr, MySpace and a host of other social entities were not spared this year. Corporations too suffered their share of ignominy. There are no certainties in attack targets: no institution, government, organization or entity is immune against a data breach. Every year, the number of breach incidents surpass the record from the previous year. There have been nearly 2,300 confirmed cases of data breaches in 2016, according to a Verizon report. This number will continue to increase as more companies are adopting cloud solutions for communication, transaction, storage, and service without due attention to encryption standards. While companies are moving to the cloud for the benefit and future growth of their business, they are ignoring the fact that virtual environments are not always fully secure. Remember that in the eventuality of a breach, corporations—not cloud providers—would be held accountable. It is time for corporations to be concerned about their security policies. For instance, a large number of them allow their employees to use Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) services such as Drop Box or Box for increased collaboration. As Drop Box is in the public cloud, and control over security is with the provider, not the customer, this exposes the organization endpoints to vulnerabilities.Another crisis alert: Companies are unaware of the threats when they outsource equipment and resources like servers, storage and networking to vendors such as Amazon Web Services or Windows Azure. In other words, organizations lack the ability to oversee day-to-day operations of cloud management.

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