Philips Starts Marketing Wearable Device Targeting Personal Health

The wearables market is growing but it’s also broadening.With nearly 20% of U.S. consumers owning a fitness tracker, there’s a major move to branch into a new area.There’s fitness and then there’s health, and that’s where a division of Philips sees an opportunity.A new line of connected and wearable health devices is being launched worldwide today by Philips Personal Health Solutions.The devices include a health watch, blood pressure monitor and body analysis scale, all interconnected via Bluetooth, which feed a sleek smartphone dashboard.Not all consumers are being targeted by Philips, which is known for a wide range of hospital technologies, such as MRI and X-ray systems.“Philips has 100 years of healthcare experience,” Eline de Graaf, director, North America, Philips Personal Health Solutions, told me.“There ae 60 million to 70 million people with health risk factors,” said de Graff. “We’re focused on them.”It will be interesting to monitor the success of the health tracker approach over time, since the majority (61%) of those who don’t own a fitness tracker have no intent to buy one in the next year, compared to 71% last year, according to a recent U.S. study by CivicScience.

Source: Philips Starts Marketing Wearable Device Targeting Personal Health 08/01/2016

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