Philips launches health watch, connected scale, blood pressure monitor and Bluetooth thermometer

Philips Healthcare announced the global availability of a suite of “clinically-validated” health monitoring devices, including a health watch, connected scale, blood pressure monitor and thermometer. The devices connect to a companion app designed for people who are at-risk of developing chronic conditions with an eye on helping them make healthier decisions.Developed with doctors and psychologists – including Philips’ own in-house behavioral specialist – the devices connect to the HealthSuite Health App, which is now available for free on iOS and Android. The app is built on the Philips HealthSuite digital platform, an open and secure, cloud-based platform that collects and analyzes health and other data from multiple devices and sources. All devices are registered with the FDA and use Bluetooth to transmit data, allowing the program to measure, monitor and, ideally, motivate behavior change to better health.“Our focus is on people who are already at-risk, they’re overweight or pre-hypertensive, and they’ve just had a ‘wake-up call’moment,” Eline de Graaf, director of Philips Personal Health Solutions told MobiHealthNews. “These are people who have just gotten news from the doctor, or someone close to them has, and now they are searching for ways to intercept that moment and change their behavior.”The richest trove of data comes from a wristworn device that continuously tracks calories burned, activity, sleep rate and heart rate. The company will not market it as an activity tracker. It’s not trying to be the next Apple Watch, the company says, but rather a health device that uses predictive analytics and offers educational support to intervene before wearers make health-damaging lifestyle choices.  “Rather than telling people to work on their weight or sleep, the watch and app provide inferences that give ad-hoc education and motivation opportunities with pop-up articles and advice,” de Graaf said.Dr. Mark Aloia, the global lead for health behavior change at Philips, said the company’s personal health programs are built to motivate rather than overwhelm and nag the user with metrics.“Changes don’t need to be radical,” Aloia said in a statement. “In fact, small changes sustained over time are a good way to help us reach our health goals. Measuring and tracking helps us take the small steps needed to improve our lifestyle.”

Source: Philips launches health watch, connected scale, blood pressure monitor and Bluetooth thermometer | MobiHealthNews

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