Why One Of The Best Places For A Beacon May Be A Parking Lot 

After launching a beacon and geofencing program at 249 parking lots in Chicago earlier this year, proximity platforms Access Mobility 24 and Gimbal are adding 4,000 beacons to lots across the country to better connect drivers and local businesses.The Chicago parking proximity program, known as Push Local 24,  is concentrated on the city’s Gold Coast neighborhood, where dozens of lots are situated. The area also has a number of tony restaurants and cafes that will happily connect with workers who park their cars during the week as well as shoppers coming into to town.“You have a consumer who is coming downtown to go shopping, but there’s also a significant number of people with a monthly parking profile that merchants want to reach,” says Access Mobility 24 CEO Joe Wright. “People who come to park at work every day are going out for coffee, they’re going out for lunch, or to pick something up after work. Families are shopping on the weekend and leaving their car in a lot. This program provides a new level of reach-and-frequency to a specific audience for nearby marketers in major metropolitan areas.”To attract parking lot users, Acess Mobility 24’s is operating on the premise that finding a good parking spot is tough when you want to get to a specific place of business, so offers and information from nearby businesses might make it easier to decide on a quick purchase.

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