The Next Big Mobile Ad Platform — Your Car

Earlier this month, a Tesla Model X (assisted-driving car) drove itself to a hospital and saved the owner’s life. Some people still see these examples and think autonomous driving is in our far-off future. Yet, in reality, it’s already here. The technology isn’t perfect, but it’s improving at a blistering rate. Certainly faster than we humans will improve our driving abilities or improve safety mechanisms in cars. Not only will self-driving cars start to transform our infrastructure, they’ll fundamentally change our culture — something that translates to a big opportunity for marketers.Tesla Model X Credit: Courtesy Tesla MotorsAccording the American Driving Survey, Americans spend 30 to 60 minutes driving each day. Of note, higher income earners and potentially more valuable consumers fall toward the high end of that spectrum. If these individuals get back hundreds of hours a year, advertisers will no doubt attempt to make use of that new free time.Here are some of the channels that will likely be impacted by self-driving cars and how marketers can respond:Out of home. Billboards have traditionally been an effective though constrained medium due to the lack of time drivers can look at them. This channel may be in dire straights if drivers are ignoring the road altogether.

Source: The Next Big Mobile Ad Platform — Your Car | DigitalNext – AdAge

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