Your next 10 security pain points

Going to security conferences always stimulates my imagination. It makes me think outside of the box and remove the cruff that develops when I sit inside my lab too long—staring at vCenter monitors, 10 open bash sessions, security consoles, and emails from colleagues swallowing Xanax.9 ways to bend Windows 10 to your willCustomize Windows 10 to your liking, not theirs.READ NOW+ Also on Network World: Cyber attacks are on the rise +If advanced persistent threats (APTs), certificate authorities (CAs) with IQs of 77, vendor patches bordering on oxymoronic, and hyper-aggressive agile development weren’t enough, I’ll summarize what I believe are your next 10 security pain points.Container Technology: Containers are too fun, too cool and too efficient. Yes, there are at least a dozen ways to use container quality parsers, draconian swarm rules, sophisticated communications buses and ever-smarter container monitoring. (TwistLock has gotten my attention, as an example.) The convenience factor is dramatic, and the temptation to take workloads that were formerly known as VMs will be strong. But you will experience pain. It looked easier, and therein lies the lesson: they are.Software-Defined Networks (SDN)/Software-Defined Routers (SDR): There is no doubt that with VMs, multi-tenant constructions, and container farms/fleets/armies, that reconfigurable network communications automation is terribly important. Networking in general used to be a separate and distinct IT discipline, anchored by Cisco and other “certifications” that lead to some pretty rock-solid, if not entirely extensible, networks. It was a full-time job. SDNs and SDRs hold much promise. And if you didn’t know what you were doing to begin with, wait until you try and “cure it” with scripts that can black-hole and/or crater a network infrastructure with such stunning efficiency that it can take even experts hours—even days—to unwind. Gotta love BGP storms.

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