New HIPAA guidance addresses ransomware 

The U.S. Department of Human Services has released new guidance for health care organizations that focuses on the growing threat of ransomware, stresses the need for better education and regular backups, and confirms that a ransomware attack against plain-text health information is, in fact, a breach that must be disclosed.9 ways to bend Windows 10 to your willCustomize Windows 10 to your liking, not theirs.READ NOWThe guidance recommends that organizations identify the risks facing their patient information, create a plan to address those links, set up procedures to protect systems from malware, train users to spot malware, limit access to sensitive information to just the people who need it most, and have a disaster recovery plan that includes frequent data backups.”The new guidance, to a great extent reiterates what has already been in place, but is a bit more specific,” said Dana Simberkoff, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer at Jersey City, NJ-based AvePoint Inc. “The emphasis is on education, which is a good component of a good data protection program.”Ransomware typically gets onto a system through malicious email attachments or links to malicious websites, both of which can be addressed to some degree with employee education.”The second mistake organizations make is granting too much access to people who don’t need access to that information,” she said. “Organizations should focus on providing the least access possible for employees to do their jobs.”Understaffed IT departments, however, often err on the side of too much access, she said.”By giving people more access than they need, they avoid having those folks come back every time they need something,” she said.

Source: New HIPAA guidance addresses ransomware | Network World

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