New FHIR-based genomics API promises to accelerate precision medicine 

Translational Software, a Bellevue, Washington-based developer of clinical decision support tools, has unveiled an application programming interface to help providers, labs and technology vendors to speed development of precision medicine-focused apps.The API, developed using HL7’s open source Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources specification, can query the company’s platform, powered by First Databank, for data on drug-drug-gene interactions – alerting clinicians to potential adverse interactions.As more and more FHIR-based apps are integrated with EHRs to offer point-of-care CDS alerts on drug efficacy and safety, the aim is for the API to enable a broad range of health information systems to be ready for when genetic testing becomes a routine part of clinical decision-making, officials say.Precision medicine: Analytics, data science and EHRs in the new age”An important frontier of precision medicine is the use of clinical genomic data in routine patient care,” said Gil Alterovitz, a Harvard Medical School professor at the Computational Health Informatics Program in Boston Children’s Hospital and co-chair of HL7’s Clinical Genomics Work Group.”One of the biggest impediments to wide-scale use of pharmacogenomics is the difficulty of integrating testing into the clinical workflow at the point where prescribing decisions are being made,” added Translational Software CEO Don Rule.

Source: New FHIR-based genomics API promises to accelerate precision medicine | Healthcare IT News

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