Nearly Half of Video Views Are Mobile 

16335-13053-160324-App_Store-lVideo viewing on mobile phones continues to enjoy robust growth. Underscoring the key role that such digital devices play in consumers’ lives is this new statistic: 46% of all video views came from mobile phones in the fourth quarter, an increase of 35% from the same period a year ago.At the end of 2014, mobile phones accounted for 34% of video views. Those figures come from Ooyala’s just-released analysis of global video views. That 46% figure is an increase of nearly three times the mobile views since 2013.Smartphones are driving the boon. But tablets are among the most popular mobile devices for content in the 10-30 minutes range, which means they’re often the device of choice for watching TV shows on mobile, the report found. Nonetheless, the smartphone dominates in the consumption of mobile video overall, with video views occurring on smartphones six times as often as on tablets in the fourth quarter.The compound annual growth rate for mobile video plays since 2011 is more than 116%, which equates to a nearly 22 times rise in the share of mobile video plays in that same time period.

Source: Nearly Half of Video Views Are Mobile 03/24/2016

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