Mobile Drives In-Store Sales 

SelfieFor years, mobile thought leaders have held out the promise of higher in-store sales thanks to various integrations and buying efficiencies. And, for certain platforms, that promise is finally being realized.Promoted Pins do seem to get people to buy more in-store, according to a new study conducted by Oracle Data Cloud.Using its $3 trillion in offline sales data linked to online audiences, the DaaS (data as a service) found that Promoted Pins drove about 500% more incremental in-store sales per impression.What’s more, the study found that CPG brands are about 300% more likely to reach existing customers on Pinterest, and — compared to the national average — Pinners spend 16% more of their hard earned cash.On Pinterest, people don’t just scroll past ads. Instead, they click and save them to their personal collections. This high level of engagement is a huge signal of intent, Oracle found.Pinners save Pins so they can easily refer to them later, like when they’re at the grocery store and want to buy the brand of pasta they saw in a recipe Pin.Meanwhile, when someone saves a Pin, they’re also distributing content. Each time a users saves a Pin, it spreads to his or her followers.

Source: Mobile Drives In-Store Sales 06/07/2016

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