How Mobile Ad Tech Pioneer Kim Perell Positions Amobee For Growth

The Ad Tech and Marketing Tech worlds are burgeoning but fast consolidating sectors as marketers and their ad agencies seek to gain better control over the fragmented media and mobile device landscapes.  Understanding and tracking consumer behavior across device and media channel in order to provide more relevant and personalized messaging is today’s marketer’s Holy Grail.  The companies best positioned to offer such services require vast scale and deep data offerings.Amobee is one such company positioned for growth in this fast evolving market with Ad Tech pioneer Kim Perell leading the way.Amobee positions itself is a global digital marketing technology company that provides data-driven solutions for agencies and brands to provide them with a deeper understanding of their target audiences by analyzing real-time and historical content consumption trends and sentiment from across the digital ecosystem.  The data helps inform and implement their clients’ media strategies and activation across all channels and devices.  The company is a division of Singtel’s Group Digital Life which acquired the firm in 2012 for $321 million. Singtel is spending big in this arena in order to compete with the likes of Verizon-AOL, having also bought both Adconion for $235 million and Kontera for $150 million in 2014.“To talk about Amobee you have to talk about Singtel, a very progressive company who understands that they need to adapt and continue to identify new ways to use their Telco assets, especially with the digital disruption going on to continue to compete. I think when you look at the acquisition of Amobee and the subsequent acquisitions of Kontera and Adconion it really is them looking at themselves no longer as just a Telco but how they can compete on a global level as a global communications company with the second largest mobile subscriber base in the world,” says Perell.

Source: How Mobile Ad Tech Pioneer Kim Perell Positions Amobee For Growth – Forbes

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