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Surviving in a Dog Eat Dog World – Sanda Coyle, Author & Sales Leader

…Through the years, I have had the privilege of hiring hundreds of talented sales professionals, mid-level managers, and support staff. I have often been asked, “Is there an art or a science to hiring great people?” The short answer is yes… Despite the data, what it always seemed to come down to was a gut feeling that told me the person was right (or wrong) for the job.

In a nutshell, companies don’t hire people. People hire people. It is for that very reason that I share the story of the best hire I ever made: Scott

[Throughout the interview process] Scott was relentless. He became a borderline professional stalker.  He called. He wrote—very professional notes. He used every tactic

he knew to get me to grant him an in-person interview, guaranteeing me it would not be a waste of my time. My practical nature told me to run away, fast, but my instincts told me


I hired Scott, and indeed, he did achieve everything I knew he would. He called on prospects and closed business deals that no one had ever been able to close. His clients were loyal, and they were profitable. As their businesses grew, Scott’s revenue

and income grew. He was my goose that laid the golden egg.

During the years Scott worked for me, he proved his self-worth over and over again. My instincts had been spot-on. Scott will reign in history as the single best sales hire I have ever made.