Meet The Connected Agency 

I’m thinking about connected today. Not just because I’m filling in for IoT Daily Editor Chuck Martin, but because I had the opportunity to moderate a panel at OMMA San Francisco on the evolution of advertising agency models and one in particular seemed ripe for a post here. It was how the agency model disruptors at R/GA are starting to position themselves.According to Robyn Freye, vice president-managing director-business development at the agency, they are not longer a digital shop. They are now an agency for the “connected world.”If it sounds like R/GA is making a land grab for IoT-based brand experience, it is.Freye concedes that R/GA founder Bob Greenberg loves to explode and reinvent the agency’s model every few years, but the shop’s latest positioning seems bound to stick around for a while.

Source: Meet The Connected Agency 04/06/2016

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