Local Programmatic TV: All of National’s Challenges …

StreamingTV2_RESIZED4BLOGWith national programmatic television still in the nascent stage, it’s not surprising that significant adoption of local PTV — which shares all of national’s challenges plus some of its own — is also expected to take several years.A BIA/Kelsey report released this week — its second on this topic this year — forecasts that local PTV will start to take off over the next three years, building momentum along the way. This year, just 1% to 2% of the total spot television market, which BIA/Kelsey estimates at $21.9 billion, is expected to trade programmatically.“From a local perspective, I believe it will start with addressable delivery to TV stations sometime in 2016, and we’re at least 18 to 24 months away from a full-blown solution,” observed Rob Weisbord, COO of Sinclair Digital Group. “The transformation will begin with national advertisers prior to reaching the local level.”The reports’ authors, BIA/Kelsey managing director Rick Ducey and Mitch Oscar, director of programmatic strategy at U.S. International Media, posed key questions to a panel of experts from advertising agencies, TV station groups, data providers and technology platforms.These pros see three main complicating factors that need to be tackled to enable widespread adoption of local PTV: the need for integration of TV stations and platforms; different workflow software; and lack of measurement reportage other than age and gender.

Source: Local Programmatic TV: All of National’s Challenges … And More 08/05/2016

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