IT leaders share their strategy for creating authenticity 

With technology, it’s becoming harder to remain inauthentic at work, according to Todd Horton, founder and CEO of KangoGift. With the modern culture of sharing, thanks to social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, there’s a sense of openness that might not have existed in companies a decade ago. “For better or worse, the digital age maintains a snapshot of everything and leaders are more sensitive to how they are perceived. It’s on leaders to take inventory of how they are perceived and adapt,” says Horton.How to rebuild your career after a layoffThere is life after the layoff. Take these 6 steps to engineer your own comeback.READ NOWAuthentic leadership is a keystone to a successful business, but what determines an authentic leader from an inauthentic leader? After talking to people in positions of leadership at their companies, there are four key traits that will help determine whether or not you’re an authentic leader.Follow-throughAs the vice president of People at Addepar, Lissa Minkin deals with people day in and day out, and she knows the importance of being authentic with your employees. She says one essential quality of an authentic leader is follow through and the ability to back up what they say.”Your company values shouldn’t just be words on paper that aren’t lived every day,” says Minkin.For instance, if you tell your employees you consider their personal lives and outside interests important, back it up by “offering flexible work schedules and emphasizing work-life integration by leading by example,” she says. Or, similarly, if you tout a “family-friendly” atmosphere at work, prove you mean it by offering family perks, such as “generous parental leave or the flexibility to pick children up from school.”

Source: IT leaders share their strategy for creating authenticity | CIO

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