The Keys To Successful Real World API Strategies 

Key Findings The following are common growth strategies being harnessed by the eight API leaders documented in this research report. As the case studies show, many have followed a similar trajectory, introducing more sophisticated tools and techniques as they continue to onboard commercial third-party developers and scale out their ecosystem.API Developer SupportWhen selecting these cases studies, we focused on APIs that had already followed best practices in API development. For example, the providers follow API-first design principles and offer a range of developer support resources that usually include:Interactive user documentationOne-step registration to create an account and begin trialing an APIA sandbox environmentTutorialsDeveloper support forum.In addition, most of the API leaders included in this report offer developers the following resources:An API Status page: In order to build trust and confidence with ecosystem partners, leading API providers shared their uptime status via an API status page.Specific developer/engineering Twitter accounts and blogs: Several API providers have created a separate engineering blog to provide more detailed discussion of code snippets, new SDK releases and coding techniques for using their API. Most have also introduced a specific Twitter account that targets their API developer communities to enable quick response to issues and to provide another mechanism for alerting developers to server status updates.Open-sourced SDKs and Ruby Gems: SDKs are often considered a ‘time to hello world’ shortcut for those developers wanting to quickly assess an API before integrating it into their coding projects. The best of the API providers here publish their SDKs as open source tools and Ruby Gems, and encourage developers in their community to also build tools off these resources. APIs like Contentful and Edmunds regularly promote developers who have built their own Ruby wrappers and other tools. Enterprise IT thought leader Dion Hinchcliffe notes that this is one of the key differentiators for successful digital businesses: They acknowledge that, to succeed, they must tap the most value from their networks, leveraging the idea that “anyone can participate.”

Source: The Keys To Successful Real World API Strategies | ProgrammableWeb

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