Internet-Connected TV Penetration Reaches 74% 

The television is becoming part of the Internet of Things in a big way.The smartphone already evolved into the hub or central control point for most smart objects. These range from turning lights on and off to remotely monitoring front door or inside-the-home activity.In addition to the phone, and all the new Internet-connected home gadgetry, such as small appliances or remote switches, there remains one massively connected object in most homes, and that’s the television.Consumers long ago either figured out (or had an installer figure out for them) how to get an in-home network up and running. That created the base for things to connect to, nicely ushering in the ability to add more TVs to the network.The penetration of Internet-connected TVs among U.S. broadband households has increased about 50% since 2013, based on a new study.

Source: Internet-Connected TV Penetration Reaches 74% 02/07/2017

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