Hey, how hard could training be?

Flashback to the 1980s, when this big electronics chain has discovered there’s big money to be made in everything that has to do with PCs, according to a pilot fish working there.clouds 616122 1920Master Class: 3 ways to fast-track your journey to the cloud (with podcast and video)Listen, watch and learn as FCC CIO David Bray explains how to leverage change agents when pivoting toRead Now”I started out on the retail side, then moved to technical support,” fish says. “The tech support started out centralized in each region, then decentralized to each store.”One day, probably on a whim. the head office started selling training at each retail site, using the on-site tech as instructor. There was no heads-up for us, no warning and no plan for sending the techs for instructor training.”I told the store manager that I had no training in how to be a instructor, nor did I want to be one.”But they sold the training classes anyway, from basic OS to applications products — and with only a short list of topics covered during the training.”At my location, we had first one, then two, then three dissatisfied customer wanting their money back.”Then the whole program was scrapped nationwide.”Then they started shuffling staff from store to store. Then store managers started shuffling without the staff.

Source: Hey, how hard could training be? | Computerworld

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