HealthMine: Consumers’ Digital Health Data Is Often Going Nowhere

Nearly half (46%) of Americans who use digital health tools say the data collected by these tools is not incorporated into their healthcare, according to HealthMine’s recent research, conducted with 2,500 consumers enrolled in health plans in 2016. In fact, three quarters (75%) of consumers who use mobile/internet-connected health apps are willing to share the data they collect with their doctor/healthcare provider, but only 32% say this happens automatically.The survey reveals that despite the growing adoption of activity trackers, smart watches and other internet-connected health technologies, plan members are missing real-time personal health insight necessary to maintain or improve their health.Other key findings from the HealthMine survey reveal that a lack of Health Intelligence is preventing members from improving their health:Consumers with Chronic Conditions Missing Actionable Data and Tools– Thirty-nine percent of consumers with heart disease report difficulty managing their illness/risk and 46% of those individuals say that knowing the right actions to take is the most difficult aspect of managing their condition.– Three quarters (74%) of those who do use an activity tracker report the device is helping them cope with their heart condition. But just 16% of people with known heart conditions are using an activity tracker at all to manage their disease/risk.

Source: HealthMine: Consumers’ Digital Health Data Is Often Going Nowhere

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