Google Maps Makes It Easier To Find Local Businesses On Your Route 

Just in time for summer road trips, Google has rolled out its latest update to Google Maps: Multi-stop directions are now available on mobile.The multi-stop option is already usable on Android, with iOS access coming soon, according to a Google blog post.How does it work? Users simply open the app, enter a destination, tap the corner menu, and then click “Add a stop.” To rearrange the order of the stops, users tap and hold the three-dot menu to the left of “Add stop” and drag it to the desired position. “You can even search for types of places like gas stations or restaurants like you normally would,” Google says on its blog.Therein lies the real impact of the update for businesses: Google Maps isn’t just making it easier to find your way on a road trip — it’s facilitating discovery for local businesses, from restaurants to specialty shops.The idea is that if it’s easier to make multiple stops on a road trip journey by using a Google Maps on mobile — already the primary device used for on-the-go discovery — it’s more likely that travelers will stop. And when they do, they’ll patronize local businesses of various stripes. Having the ability to search for these businesses baked into Google Maps as well also increased the likelihood of a visit; after all, recent research from Think with Google finds that 76 percent of “near me” location searches result in a store visit within a day.

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