Facebook Launches Continuous Live Video API

facebook_012314gnFacebook has launched a new Continuous Live Video API that enables developers to broadcast long and persistent streaming video to the world’s largest social network. In recent years, Facebook has become an online video powerhouse. Every day, more than 100m hours of video are uploaded to the service, and to capitalize on the livestreaming trend started by services like Meerkat and Periscope, Facebook earlier this year launched its own live streaming function dubbed Facebook Live.Not surprisingly, Facebook, which claims one of the more popular developer ecosystems, quickly added a Facebook Live API that allows developers to integrate with Facebook Live programatically. Early adopters of the API included digital publishers like BuzzFeed, as well as hardware makers like drone manufacturer DJI, which are integrating the ability for device owners to easily stream content from their devices to the social network.

Source: Facebook Launches Continuous Live Video API | ProgrammableWeb

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