Electric Shock Sent Through Wearable When Consumer Overspends 

Someone had to come up with this.At first I thought this latest IoT innovation was a joke since it sounded like something out of the Onion.But there is an official announcement of it and quite a bit of media coverage, so here it is. Again, if true.A new Internet of Things banking platform was just launched by Intelligent Environments.So far, no great shakes.And then it gets a bit more interesting.The idea behind the platform is that smart devices can be connected to a bank account.So when the banking platform identifies overspending, a Nest thermostat connected to the account automatically turns down the heat to reduce heating bills to save the person money.To be fair, the consumer did get the advance choice on how far to drop the temperature when setting up their account.The British tech firm that created the banking platform is targeting millennials it deems too scared to check their bank account.But besides turning down the heat, there’s more.The company has a wearable device that also can be connected to the bank account.When the IoT bank detects overspending, the wearable gives the user an electric shock.The idea here is to retrain the consumer to limit overspending by electric shock.A customer logs into their account to connect their wearable device and set a spending limit.

Source: Electric Shock Sent Through Wearable When Consumer Overspends 05/20/2016

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