Digital nomads post to their travel blog without wireless contracts

Some people dream of traveling the world on a budget and staying in touch as digital nomads. Married couple Sam and Toccara Best have made that dream a reality.Both have been producing a travel blog from far-flung locales called Forget Someday for more than a year mainly by using only their cell phones with no monthly carrier contract. They rely on free Wi-Fi with occasional assistance from Google Voice and Google Hangouts on Sam’s Android phone, a BLU Life One X unlocked, which he bought for about $150, (Amazon price) .Their blog is stocked full with photos and videos, many shot and edited using iMovie on Toccara’s more expensive iPhone 5S. (Off-contract, the iPhone 5S originally started at more than $600, (Amazon price).They also rely on some relatively high-end camera gear, including a Go Pro video camera (Amazon price). Recently, they took time-lapse shots with the Go Pro mounted on a tripod from the bow of a Viking River Cruise boat on segments of the scenic Douro River in Portugal, their latest destination.They carry all their gear and clothes in backpacks and smaller carry-on bags, jetting, cruising and hiking their way around the globe. In the past year, they’ve visited Vietnam, Eastern Europe and Hawaii among other destinations. Their bucket list includes one of their next conquests: to see a polar bear in the wild, probably near the Artic.

Source: Digital nomads post to their travel blog without wireless contracts | CIO

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