Consumers Excited About Auto Technology 

U.S. automakers and suppliers need to innovate and differentiate to capture new business and build brand equity, according to a study from Nielsen.Selecting and integrating the right advanced technologies — ones that drive business performance, product differentiation and customer loyalty — is essential, according to the report.Nielsen annually conducts AutoTECHCAST, a syndicated study of consumer demand for advanced features and technology. This study measures 44 different automotive technologies among 13 technology categories and also includes a deep dive into consumer views on the connected car. The study focused on advanced and emerging automotive technologies, examining the latest industry trends and uncovering the reasons behind them. The survey was conducted during the second quarter of 2016 and included nearly 12,000 U.S. new car buyers and looked at 44 auto-related technologies.Consumers are increasingly excited about vehicle technologies, but a lack of familiarity with connected vehicles and lingering privacy concerns remain as obstacles.“Consumers are becoming more interested in advanced automotive technologies than ever before and are increasingly factoring these technologies into their purchasing decisions,” says Mike VanNieuwkuyk, vice president, Nielsen Automotive, in a release. “Manufacturers need to continue to educate auto shoppers about the technologies that appeal to their personal interests and desires in order to distinguish their products from competitive options and build stronger brand loyalty with these tech savvy consumers.”

Source: Consumers Excited About Auto Technology 08/25/2016

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