Compared To Other Businesses, Healthcare Providers Afflicted By A Lack Of Listing Accuracy 

An outdated or even non-existent listing can result in a loss of business or a dissatisfied customer. But as competition for online discovery intensifies among healthcare providers and facilities, weak location data is not only debilitating to their business, but it can also mean that patients don’t receive the best care possible.Last month, location data management platform Yext introduced a special product designed to help local doctors, hospitals, and wellness facilities be more readily — and accurately — be found online by patients near them.In its diagnosis of the medical industry’s location crisis, Yext For Healthcare, as the offering is called, analyzed 1,800 physician and healthcare facilities across 15,000 listings in which and found that:5 percent of doctors’ and hospitals didn’t even have an online, local listing. That’s 3.6x greater than the unlisted percentage of other businesses (8.68 percent).Of the listed healthcare facilities, 48 percent contained basic address errors that could result in misdirected patients.29 percent of healthcare facilities were also missing accurate phone numbers.Yext For Healthcare is being managed by Marc Ferrentino, EVP of Strategy at Yext [Full disclosure: Yext is GeoMarketing’s parent company. More details here.]. Ferrentino notes that the growth of mobility and the Internet of Things, combined with vast regulatory changes, are changing the way patients record and seek out medical help. To meet those changes, wellness professionals need a location check-up immediately.

Source: Compared To Other Businesses, Healthcare Providers Afflicted By A Lack Of Listing Accuracy |

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